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Necrophile - Awakening Those Oppressed

Necrophile - Awakening Those Oppressed

Label : Unholy Prophecies | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : ‘Awakening Those Oppressed’ is the debut full-length by Japan’s Necrophile. That seems special considering this band was formed in 1987. Well, the band initially was only active between 1987 and 1991. The recordings from that period were compiled on ’ Mementos In The Misting Woods’, which was released in 2011. In that review you can read a bit more about the band’s past and the other activities by its members. Late 2012 Necrophile reformed and in 2014 a split 7” with Necrorite was released.

This full-length shows an old-school death metalband that has a few progressive bits and pieces. You could say these are some convulsions because as a whole this is raw death metal that reminds me of Napalm Death during the time of ‘Harmony Corruption’. The songs have a good pace and the guitarist smoothly slides on the neck of his instrument. If I’m honest it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. I can see there are people out there who will enjoy this. To me it’s about 25 years too late. I’m familiar with the style and sound and I still enjoy the classics from back in the day. In 2017 a band has to bring something else to the table. So, it’s a bit grey and mediocre. I advise you to give it a proper listen before you decide to buy it.

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