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Lonewolf - Raised On Metal

Lonewolf - Raised On Metal

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Lonewolf keeps running fast, and only a year and a half after ’The Heathen Dawn’ already unleashes the successor later this month. And dammit, do they make me happy with that. I’ve been following this band since their debut, ‘Into The Arena’(2001) and honestly they have never disappointed me, both on record as on stage. And also with this new effort they won’t lose my loyalty and support. Even more so, with every record I love this band even more.

Lonewolf fortunately is one of those bands that always deliver, and one from whom you always know what you can expect. Even though the gentlemen have sometimes taken “risks”, they have always remained loyal to their traditional, pure heavy metal sound and style. With that, and also due to the characteristic voice of guitarist/vocalist Jens Börner, the band has totally developed a sound of their own that is immediately recognizable. ‘Raised On Metal’ is no exception and is another typical Lonewolf record that will fulfill your deepest heavy metal desires. As soon as the album bursts out with ‘Unleash The Wolf’, the Frenchmen unleash a true metal Valhalla in which the influences by old Grave Digger, Helloween and of course Running Wild are again fully present. The neck can get to work immediately and bang hard on those powerful and oh so catchy, utter metal riffs and equally catchy vocals and choruses.

You can forget about taking a break for the following 37 minutes, because the gentlemen simply won’t let you escape. Not that they are blasting at full speed all the time, because the music is traditionally versatile and along with the fast speed and power metal we also get the necessary sturdy pounders and slower passages, and the album doesn’t lack melody whatsoever. Of course the wolf pack is also not unfamiliar with epic tunes. Were it however influences from mainly DoomSword and co. that came forward on ‘The Fourth And Final Horseman’ and ‘Cult Of Steel’, the epic tunes on ‘Raised On Metal’ mainly breathe the atmosphere of Bathory! Listen for example to the riffs and the supporting, majestic keyboards in ‘Through Fire, Ice And Blood’ and ‘Evil’, but also the chorus in ‘No God, No Master’ that in my opinion are utter Bathory- and Quorthon-worship. Magnificent! The word “magnificent” also applies to the rest of the songs, because this album simply doesn’t have any weak moment. Charles Greywolf (Powerwolf) has again been responsible for the production, and has given the album the exact right sound, underlining the band’s recognizability. All in all this is one of the best efforts in the band’s career so far, and one of the stronger records of its kind. With ‘Swansong’ and ‘Demon’s Call’ the digipak-edition and the vinyl versions of the album contain two great songs as bonus.

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