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Lionsoul - Welcome Storm

Lionsoul - Welcome Storm

Label : Limb Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : As big a fan of power metal as I am, I have always had my reservations about the Italian variant of this sport. There are some very good bands in this niche (you all know Rhapsody and all its derivatives), but the amount of abominable bands is approximately the number of good bands with one or two extra zeroes at the end. Lionstorm is part of this Italian power metal scene and, like my colleague wrote about their debut album back then, confirms a great number of prejudices about the genre. Fortunately, there is certainly some progression to be noted on the second album ‘Welcome Storm’ if you compare it to ‘Omega’, though the afore mentioned prejudices stand as firm as ever.

The completely “over the top” sound has quite diminished once you put on opener ‘The Principal Warrior’, but singer Ivan is still great at working on the nerves. His pronunciation of the English language is simply laughable (Derdian or Kaledon, anyone?) and whenever he squeaks out a high notes my windows start to rattle. The biggest improvement can be found on the musical plane. The arrangement of the different instruments seems to have been done with a lot more care, making the music far more consistent. Also on faster songs like ‘The Next Geneses’ the melodies stand firm and that is a huge improvement compared to an appalling speedy abomination like ‘The Precedent’ from the debut album. A very strong song is ‘Iron Whispers’, a good mid-tempo anthem on which Ivan contains himself and the musical craftsmanship finally surfaces well. All in all, ‘Welcome Storm’ is a big leap coming from the debut album ‘Omega’. Still, the leap is from very meagre to mediocre, the word “good” is still one too much.

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