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Leadrobot - Leadrobot

Leadrobot - Leadrobot

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Mini-CD

Jan-Simon : Could this mean Allen Jourgensen of Ministry can finally retire? This thought came up while listening to the first eponymous ep by British band Leadrobot. He might play some pool or cards with Devin Townsend, because he is also at risk of being overtaken by these blokes from Leeds. The self released debut of just over 23 minutes is filled with fierce industrial metal as heavy as the name of the band suggests. From the short opener ‘.. -. - .-. ---‘ (just find out for yourself what that means) to the almost dissonant thrash with harmonized vocals in ‘Slaves / Progress’ it is pedal to the metal, only to be interrupted by cleverly chosen samples from fifties and sixties cult films like Moby Dick and Them. Samples that fit the sombre, nihilistic worldview that arises from the songs. They sure know how to play, the guys from Leadrobot, and they are quite handy too, because this self-produced album is rock solid. The only criticism would bet hat the songs are too much alike. But who cares, the same could be said of Ministry and look where they ended up. Leadrobot is a promise for the future, a band we will hopefully hear more of soon.

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