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Infestus - Dresses Of Darkness

Infestus - Dresses Of Darkness

Label : Club Inferno Entertainment | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Roel de Haan : This particular incarnation of Infestus is from Venezuela and ‘Dresses Of Darkness’ is their first official release. Infestus plays gothic metal with sporadic black metal influences. However, their greatest musical inspiration comes from Moonspell. The sultry vocals are the most obviously example of this adoration. Infestus’s style seems designed to match the Portuguese greats as well, but some Cradle Of Filth-styled synths and riffs just barely keep them from being a copycat. Back to the vocals then, because it’s these that renders this ‘Dresses Of Darkness’ as not worth your time. Besides, being not quite original the execution of especially the clean ones is absolutely below par. Off key, tiresome and completely lacking in real expression. ‘Dresses Of Darkness’ as a whole is amateurish at best.

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