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Fabulae Dramatis - Solar Time's Fables

Fabulae Dramatis - Solar Time's Fables

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : The info sheet coming with 'Solar Time's Fables' from Fabulae Dramatis had me interested. Their style would be a "union of ideas, experimenting with diverse cultural and musical influences combined into one project". There is even mention of "the spirits of Zappa and Beefheart". Spoiler alert: whoever wrote that last part, must be deaf and dumb. The first warning came with the booklet: designed like a cheap gothic metal affair, including a band dressed up in that typical, non-individual fashion. To their credit: the allow themselves to wear a smile. Well, over to the music.

The album opens with a non-descript mid-tempo metal riff. Grunts and then some powerful heavy metal vocals. Still waiting for that "union". Alas, the first next addition: semi-operatic female vocals severely lacking power. Guitar solo: a bluesy touch, which is quite refreshing in this genre, but nothing close to a far stretch in terms of influences. And the fact that the guitarist is sometimes stretching his guitar solos to the extent that they become boring and repetitive, doesn't help.

There are some redeeming moments on this album - the opening track does seem to be by far the worst choice for a first impression. But it's still a very stereotypical (heavy/progressive) gothic metal affair. Just adding some touches here and there doesn't make it anything outstanding - the compositions remain very predictable. Verdict: a solid regional "international" affair, but nothing more than that.

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