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Deamon's Child - Live Im Lux

Deamon's Child - Live Im Lux

Label : Zygmatron | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : It sounds too good to be true, but because the story is so nice, we believe it without conditions. The story goes like this: At June 3rd, German trio Deamon’s Child was booked as supporting act for a gig by Canadian doomband Blood Ceremony in their hometown Hannover. When they arrived they found that an old friend, Willie Dalmeier, was going to be the sound technician that night. In the spur of the moment he offered to record Deamon’s Child’s show, at no extra costs because all the gear was already there to be used anyway. Back in the studio the recordings turned out to be quite good and the band decided to release the entire show – rough and almost completely unedited – as a very limited cd-r and digital download. The result, ‘Live Im Lux’ offers no real news, all the songs on it already appeared on the albums released in 2014 and 2016.

Like on the studio albums Deamon’s Child is mainly about the scorching riffs created by mastermind Sven Missullis, although it must be said that behind the wall of guitar noise, drummer Tim Mohr plays an important role with his remarkable, inventive and often disruptive style of drumming. It leads to pure thrash metal in ‘Geld’, noise rock with funny lyrics in ‘Äffchen Fährt Fahrrad’ and songs like ‘Zucker’ and ‘Lutscher’ that could have been made by The Melvins if King Buzzo could speak German. Deamon’s Child live is – if possible – even rawer and more punky than on record. Bass player Ana Muhi may not be the best singer in the World, but her screams on the brink of hysteria perfectly fit the music that is a mix of grungy sludge, old school hardcore punk and Slayer. Only during the epic length ‘Nichts’ there is some time to breath, probably because the band is out of breath. ‘Nichts’ should have been the closing song of the set, but the home crowd demanded more and shouts out in typical German style for a “Zugabe”. Fortunately there was time fort hat encore. ‘Das Vogellied’ is a proper closer, full of riffs, drum rolls and breaks but above all complete devotion.

‘Live Im Lux’ will not result in many new fans for Deamon’s Child, for that this live set is too unpolished and also a bit messy. It should be seen as a nice extra for the existing fans and in that way it is a success. After this surprise intermezzo we look forward to new work by this great band.

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