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Centuries Of Decay - Centuries Of Decay

Centuries Of Decay - Centuries Of Decay

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : For a band that claims to play extreme metal, the album with the simple title ‘Centuries Of Decay’ starts very quiet. After the calm intro, the title number goes on in the same vein. After a few minutes, however, a heavy riff will come crushing in and you think that tha pace will pick up. But no, I was wrong. At least, not as expected. A threatening atmosphere hangs over the song and you begin to revise your own definition of ‘extreme metal’. It's not always about speed or brute force, on a higher level it is also knowing how to create a particular atmosphere, which differs from the standard and gives the listener an unpleasant feeling. ‘The Architect’ already shows a lot more speed and also takes time to set the right atmosphere. The eight songs are all excellent, which also show the occasional progressive moments and rests on the solid but smooth basis provided by drummer Derrick. Each song has one element that draws the focus (riff, vocal line, drum part), with the necessary creative additions, making this album next to a very successful debut, also a beautiful artistic statement from the band.

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