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Sun Of The Sleepless - To The Elements

Sun Of The Sleepless - To The Elements

Label : Lupus Lounge | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Sun Of The Sleepless is the blackened one-man-project of Schwadorf (aka Markus Stock) of The Vision Bleak and Empyrium fame. From 1999 till 2005 the band used to be active and in this period they released the EP ‘Poems To The Wretches Hearts’ (1999), the 7” ‘Tausend Kalte Winter’ (2000) and a split EP with Nachtmahr (2004), but they never played live and in the course of time they started to be considered as true cult band.

In 2014 Schwadorf has brought this black metal/ambient project back to life and on the 21st of July the first full length album will be released, entitled ‘To The Elements’. Even though the old recordings surely have historical value, this is something else: upgraded and captivating! Of course Schwadorf has improved himself in the meantime as musician and producer and you’ll sure notice it on this brilliant record. They excel in dark, brooding black metal, but with epic aureole and regaled with illustrious lyrics of the great romantic writers of history. Schwadorf himself describes it as ‘a fist in the face of a shallow world’ and we can do nothing but agree on that! Even though the music is rooted in the early days of bands such as Emperor, Ulver, Katatonia and Darkthrone, the fans of Empyrium and The Vision Bleak will find superior solace on this record. ‘The Burden’ announces something great, something massive, a cinematic, devoted cadency of enchanted sounds. They cut loose with ‘Motions’, fiery and maximum velocity black metal that rises from the deepest caverns and soon crawls under your skin. This surely will haunt aficionados all over the world!

‘The Owl’ turns the tide for a moment: thoughtful, acoustic guitars and a doom-like atmosphere with whispering vocals reign (Empyrium alike) until they go in crescendo with a rigorous outburst. Tightly they work their way towards a climax that includes several moments of contemplation; The sturdy riffs and juicy raucous vocals of ‘Where In My Childhood Lived A Witch’ build up an atmosphere where the nineties shine through, however without sounding dated. The passion and power rules in the apex that follows. Then we wander through contemplative areas with bombastic drums and percussion, dark chants resound… the warm feel of ‘Forest Crown’ rises across the hill, while this introspective moment is relished with acoustic guitars. The come and go from differential moods is once again illustrated by the tight genuineness in ‘In The Realm Of The Dark’ in which soaring passages switch to fervent black metallic accelerations. ‘Phoenix Rise’ can be smoothly projected on the history of the band and consequently it happens to be a stunner that includes classical intermezzos as well as epic eruptions and fluent transitions from calm to ferocious realms. A true enchanting experience it is!

Simultaneously with ‘To The Elements’, a vinyl compilation box ‘Shadows Of The Past’ will be released with all the earlier work we mentioned in the beginning. On top of that, the band will start to play live (Schwadorf will be supported by Eviga of Dornenreich and buddy Thomas Helm) and we truly look forward to their live performance at Prophecy Fest in Balver Höhle!

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