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Stallion - From The Dead

Stallion - From The Dead

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : OH HELL YEAH! Have I been looking forward to THIS! With their debut EP, ’Mounting The World’ (2013), these Germans made a blasting first impression. With their old-school, 80s heavy/speed metal and the fitting attitude Stallion – for me – was immediately the best newcomer in the new old-school genre. The first long player, ’Rise And Ride’, quickly followed a year later, and the band immediately settled its name and reputation.

As with all newcomers, it was up to Stallion to prove of its endurance with the second album. And dammit, ‘From The Dead’ blows away all doubts. Fortunately the gentlemen have not let their success go above their heads, and have remained true to their sound and style. It is also audible that they have tried their best to perfect their tricks, and to progress on all fronts. And they have definitely succeeded. Already from the smashing opening track, ‘Underground Society’ the band demands your full attention, and makes your head go up and down mercilessly. Traditional heavy metal, speed and thrash go hand in hand here, and the song has all Stallion trademarks the gentlemen introduced on the previous releases. The guitar sound, the riffs and the melodies, and above all the characteristic high-pitched vocals from Paul Ehrenhardt (a.k.a. Pauly Force) make the band recognizable, and the 80s feast is immediately a fact.

Along with the aforementioned opening track, with the title tracks (which – for Stallion-standards sounds quite thrashy), the magnificent ‘Lord Of The Trenches’, ‘Step Aside’ and the very short (17 seconds) ‘Kill Fascists’, the album contains a couple of devastating high-speed maniacs. The rest of the songs are quite rocky and mid-tempo (however all quite sturdy), by which the album is again pleasantly versatile. The closing ‘Awaken The Night’ however, is one of the most versatile songs on the record, and is full of tempo- and mood changes, and has a delightfully spooky character. But whether the gentlemen are playing fast, mid-tempo or slow, or whether they are walking the hardrock, heavy, speed or thrash metal path, the album doesn’t collapse at any time whatsoever. The songs are full of catchy riffs and equally catchy, magnificent high-pitched vocals, and both on instrumental and vocal matters the gentlemen don’t drop any stitches and leave little to be desired. And after three quarters of an hour you will only desire for more. The great production gives the songs that little necessary kick in the butt, ensuring the album to blast out strongly, and sees to it that the whole comes into its own properly.

What more can we say about this record? This is how heavy metal should sound, and Stallion has understood that quite perfectly. So, if you can’t get enough of the 80s, and heavy/speed metal the way it was played in the glory days, and you are dedicated to bands like Skull Fist, Enforcer, Evil Invaders, Bullet, Steelwing, Air Raid, Ambush and ancient heroes like Judas Priest Exciter, Raven, Anvil, Annihilator and similar acts, then ‘From The Dead’ is an absolute must for you. As for me, this thing won’t disappear out of my player for the time being.

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