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Joe Bonamassa - Live At The Carnegie Hall - An Acoustic Evening

Joe Bonamassa - Live At The Carnegie Hall - An Acoustic Evening

Label : Provogue | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Wim S. : For a second I was a bit scared when the postman came along. I have an envelope from Lords Of Metal; a bunch of CDs to review. And then my eye catches a name on one of the discs: Joe Bonamassa. No, that is not possible, not again? But no, fortunately, it's not a new release of the man. This is the (double) DVD that goes together with last month’s release ‘Live At The Cargenie Hall, An Acoustic Evening’. Last month I could only say something about the CD’s because I did not get the DVDs, but now here they are!

Well, and then I can be short on this release. On DVD1 of this set, the previously mentioned concert is captured. Very beautifully filmed by the way. With lots of cameras and a nice mix of close up shots and more panoramic images. We see the grandmaster himself wearing sunglasses and gel in the stray back hair sitting on a chair and enjoying his own music. There is a big band joining him on stage, complete with strings, percussion and background singers. In terms of music, I can only say that the quality of everything that Bonamassa produces is simply the best in the (blues) genre. Of lesser quality are the extras (as usual). On the bonus DVD, we see some unsuspecting behind the scenes footage, an additional live recording of 'Woke Up Dreaming' (why is this song not on the first DVD?) and a photo gallery of the beautiful Carnegie Hall . And yes, it’s extra so why bother, the focus obviously is on the first DVD anyway. And that one is absolutely worth buying.

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