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Tuesday The Sky - Drift

Tuesday The Sky - Drift

Label : Inside Out | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Would you immediately start listening to the clip underneath, you'd be bound to ask yourself what this album is doing on this website. And we're lucky this happens more often. Change of spice keeps the stomach hungry. And I promise: Tuesday The Sky also knows how to rock out. Which is no surprise, as the big name behind this project is Jim Matheos, known by most as the guitarist for progressive metalband Fates Warning. This project grew out of a piece he had written but didn't fit in anywhere. So he went with it and created more. And we're very glad he did. Because the result is a beautiful record you could pigeonhole as post rock. But because this musician comes from a very different scene (and carries with him a huge bag of diverse experience), this album often sounds more fresh and surprising than a lot of the other bands playing this sort of music. So without further ado: no more words needed, just enjoy this instrumental beauty!

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