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Sailing To Nowhere - Lost In Time

Sailing To Nowhere - Lost In Time

Label : Underground Symphony | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : With Italian power metal bands you must always be on guard. Because, in 90% of all cases, something is wrong. That's a given fact, Italian acts are born with that. The famous exceptions to this rule I will not state anymore. You, as a power metal lover, know of whom I speak. The first impression of this album is, however, positive, even though we are dealing with Italian power metal. Marco Palazzi's vocals especially, are really pleasant. No, really. Next to that we have guest appearances by Fabio Leone (Rhapsody) and Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth). That is also good of course. Musically, solid and heavy power metal is offered and given. There are few surprises, but it's definitely no punishment to listen to the music. The control of the instruments is there beyond any doubt, as is often the case with Italian bands.

Unfortunately, the band happens to have two beautiful metal chicks in their ranks that appaerently also had some notes to sing. This was not a good idea though; both Helena and Clara do not have a pleasant voice and their vocals therefore negatively affect the level of songs. And there was no need for this, because with Marco alone it probably would have sound really stronger. But now things get even worse: the lyrics. Not only are there many typos in the texts, grammatically they are truly an abomination. You often have to read sentences many times over because they’re stuffed with errors. Alas that’s not all, for in terms of content it’s even worse. Just read what’s below, and remember these are actual quotes…

A new life! A new life! A new Life!
A new life in a new home world
A new life! A new life in a new home world!
In a new home world!
Throught into these
New era the sunshine of its light
We’re losing our world without green
No blue but just steel all around
It’s not ok
I want to leave this sheet

Euuhhh, what? That was my question as well. Check out this one:

Can you see you’re sailing blind
To shores without heart
Till your life will reminds you
Anotherman’s life
You lost your sea lane
‘cause fighting the winds
Let your soul go with the flow
Where destiny awaits

C’mon guys, are you serious? I mean, you can’t do this on this level. I mean, that you are having difficulties with the English language is one thing, but bluntly writing lyrics that are absolutely meaningless is intolerable. In short it therefore is too bad that the well-executed instrumental parts and male singing get smothered by the poor female performance and frankly infantile lyrics. In a musical genre in which there are so many really good bands and the competition is killing you just cannot make mistakes like this if you desire a long-term career. Nope, I won’t recommend this to anyone. You can get a better deal for your hard-earned money.

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