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Itchy  - All We Know

Itchy - All We Know

Label : Arising Empire | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Itchy is a trio from Germany that has a decent status in their own country. That's also not very surprising: the band has been around for fifteen years and during that period they played over 900 shows. Nice active bunch, right? I was not yet familiar with their music and 'All We Know' is my first acquaintance with the band. Itchy plays contagious, accessible pop rock / punk rock.

It is not that bad either. The songs are short and sweet and are very radio-friendly. We hear influences of Blink 182 and Sum41, with the understanding that Itchy is much less heavy. The vocals even sound very melodic ('Black') and are as good as accentless. Singer / Guitarist Sibbi does that well. To be true however, the songs do not really linger. That is mainly because of the fact that the songs are too simple and not that exciting. The lack of solos, ripping riffs or other instrumental caprioles is the reason for that ('The Sea'). The majority of the songs are (of course) up-tempo and also cheerful; for those who are into that, use it to your advantage.

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