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Heaven in her Arms - White Halo

Heaven in her Arms - White Halo

Label : Moment Of Collapse | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jurgen : The quintet from Tokyo is with ´White Halo´ on his third full album. The predecessor already dates back to 2010, meanwhile some EP’s and split albums were released.

Heaven In Her Arms – named after the track on record ´Jane Doe´, of advanced metal/punk/hardcore mixers Converge – is delivering screamo on the basis, shouting it out in his mother tongue. It´s not the only contribution to this passionate ´White Halo´. The album feels like an immersive journey through layers of emotion and drama, also touching black metal, post rock and hardcore. It leads to great sounding, epic song material, with delicate clean parts that sometimes do reflect post-rocking city men Mono. On the album delights are making beautiful balances with the prancing, sometimes complex riffs, all contained in a fairly unpolished production, which benefit the powerful emotions. The overcoming black metal ratchets and raw distortion guitars will make you feel things even more intense. The same as regarding the sometimes heartbreaking screams: although rather incomprehensible by the Japanese language, you feel its meaningful impact. ´White Halo´ captures this immediate experience; the album hits its drama and gloom. Though dramatic emotional layers occasionally do balance on the edge, its untouched, organic sound is keeping too smooth colouring at a safe distance.

The large-scale, widened tracks are also having some kind of beautiful visual vibe with them. As if you are heading in that crowding city of millions Tokyo, almost getting absorbed by its traffic-pressure and bright neon lights. But where delimited peace of mind keeps you in the adventurous moods. The Japanese serve a rather impressive album, to the extent that you eventually take on the somewhat monotonous screams.

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