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HeadCrusher - Death Comes With Silence

HeadCrusher - Death Comes With Silence

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Coffee. Beg pardon? You were saying? Coffee. Black. Very, very black.

Okay, that makes no sense. Let me explain. HeadCrusher nowadays (well, nowadays, it has been the case fors ome ten years) based in Texas, USA, but the band are originally from Colombia. And Colombia produces a ton of coffee. So the band have added coffee to their merchandise. HeadCrusher coffee. Which is cool. There ya go, end of story.

Right, okay, I know, you did not come to this corner of the web to read about coffee. You came here to read about ‘Death Comes With Silence’, the latest album by these guys. Here we go: fast. Furious. Intense. Complex. Groovy. Aggressive. Brutal. A high speed attack on your senses – or at the very least, on your hearing. And besides all that: catchy as fuck. A hint of deathcore, a smallish hint of mathcore. Take back the pace, overdo the epicness, take it back even more, go into an almost slowmotion, crushing, add a chorus, built up anticipation and atmosphere and BAM kick you in the face, kick down the gas pedal, add freaky details. That is pretty much the modus operandi. At times, I’m reminded of the absolutely brilliant Swedish band Burst – who are unfortunately no longer active. HeadCrusher is not at that level yet, but the fact that I get Burst flashbacks while listening to ‘Death Comes With Silence’, is a pretty good sign, if you ask me...

So, colour me impressed, these guys manage to deliver a very convincing, modern sound on their third full-length, a great mix between complexity, aggressive deathcore and blunt, grooving, damn catchy death metal. Nice. Very nice. I’m rather surprised that this release is done by the band themselves, independently, without a label. Might be a conscious choice, but whatever it is, someone has been sleeping on these guys. They deserve to be picked up and gain a larger audience with the help and support of a label. Or DIY, I don’t care, just get this album out there!

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