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Fallen Mankind - Bleak Ocean

Fallen Mankind - Bleak Ocean

Label : Dr. Music Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Swedish band Fallen Mankind plays traditional heavy metal and with 'Bleak Ocean' their debut album has been released. The album cover breathes a sober atmosphere. A dark ocean at the front and a person with a gas mask on the backside does not really imply a happy view on the state of world as it is in now. Anyway, musically everything sounds very simple. No risks are taken and you hear a band that does not excels beyond the average, though singer MH has got a nice voice. He is pleasant to listen to and dares to exploit different pitches. One of the better songs is 'Pheonix Rising', but hopefully the writing error was committed intentionally, otherwise their knowledge of the English language is very sad. In the song itself are some epic elements that make it a little better than the rest, but that doesn’t change a thing about the fact that they cannot convince with this record.

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