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Ether - There Is Nothing Left For Me Here

Ether - There Is Nothing Left For Me Here

Label : Dead Truth Recordings | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : ‘There Is Nothing Left For Me Here’ is the second album by the American sludge metal band Ether. Ether is clearly a group that has a sense of atmosphere and emotions since this album is more than just a slow chugging massive riff-fest. The obvious doom metal influences in the songs add a welcome variety to the music. Flurries of melody, raucous vocals as well as tortured clean singing and dynamics in tempo lend the album a sense of vibrancy and energy. Furthermore the regular use of a sad sounding violin gives the music an unsuspected emotionality and touch of depression. The contrast with the more hardcore/sludge base from which Ether operates is nicely done and feel quite natural and original. Fans of Intronaut, Orwell and other more progressive sludge outfit should definitely check this out.

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