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Eskimo Callboy  - The Scene

Eskimo Callboy - The Scene

Label : Century Media | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This German squad has been around since 2010. Since then, they have already released an EP and three albums of which the last two ended up high in the charts of their home country. You can’t call them a real metal act. Their mix of metalcore with post hardcore and electronic music is a bit too different for that. They themselves name it electronicore and singer Sebastian "Sushi" Biesler has already told us that the band members are definitely not part of the hardcore scene, because their lyrics contain too much sarcastic remarks about parties, getting drunk and sex.

Now 'The Scene' begins very well with opener 'Back In The Bizz'. It's an exciting, fast-paced fun song with heavy industrial influences. The vocals are clean but certainly not soft or poppy and on a regular base you'll hear a solid riff. That metalcore is no longer core business for Eskimo Callboy is soon becoming apparent in a song like 'The Devil Within'. The vocal style has a more dramatic subtitle and sounds especially clean and like pop music. At the end, the singing is getting somewhat more raw. 'The Scene feat Fronz' is also a special one. It starts with a children's choir, after which the words ‘Everybody Got The Fuck Up’ unleashes some heavy riffs in combination with solid electronic beats. The song ends with a heavy singing rap. The metalcore in combination with electronics is often interchanged with more clean and soft pieces. Still, it stays fun because the band continues to show an almost childhood kind of enthusiasm. Even the song 'Vip', which reduces the faster start by a happy tune with acapella singing and even some whistling it's hard to resist. Still, it probably will be a younger audience that will take a linking to this kind of music, but when push comes to shove it does not sound bad at all.

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