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Balance Of Terror - World Laboratory

Balance Of Terror - World Laboratory

Label : Ghastly Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : I think I said it before, but one has only one chance to make a good impression and Balance Of Terror failed immensely with that. Their debut, that was released by the Japanese label Ghastly Music, was sent as a cheap stinkin’ CDR with no cover artwork whatsoever and a four page biography that has absolutely nothing to add to what I’ve already knew from Balance of Terror: zero! Oh well. They are from France. Thank you... Minus 100 points to start off with!

As a music journalist we always try to divide the chaff from the grain and we receive a shitload of releases each month that contains good professional packages with comprehensive info and some shitty packages with a bad bio. Honestly I can say I’m not very inspired to put a huge amount of time to listen or promote such bands with a bad first impression because they aren’t willing to put that effort in their band themselves. Sure, cost aspects are involved here but that’s the reason why a band signs with a proper record company: to promote the freakin’ thing!

Anyway I did take the effort to listen to Balance Of Terror. They aren’t as bad as the package tries to tell us. They play great death metal with a huge amount of grindcore influences. You might also say the play great grindcore with a huge amount of death metal influences because the ratio is about fifty-fifty. Balance Of Terror’s music is deeply rooted in the early years of the genres. Those who were involved back then, already know B.O.T. is a band to keep an eye and ear on. Buy yourself a hard copy of the ‘World Laboratory’ CD here. I will do also to support this band, I threw away the shitty package.

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