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Leng Tch'e - Razorgrind

Leng Tch'e - Razorgrind

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Leng Tch'e is a Belgian band with a reasonable cult status. The death metal / grindcore mix had its own face right from the start and they showed that face on each album. After a couple of years without having an album released, they come with an album titled 'Razorgrind'. The term ‘razorgrind’ had been previously introduced by the band itself and represents the style they play. The genre of grindcore / death metal is based mainly on short songs that each are like a huge explosion of brutal power and contain little or no melody. The special ones, including Napalm Death and this band, add something extra and that makes them a pleasure to listen to. A bit of groove, a little melody and mostly using the gas pedal loosely, which works very favorably for the listening pleasure. The songs on 'Razorgrind' are still short (most of them do not reach the two minutes- mark), but it feels like they last longer. Despite the limited duration, they have a clear start and finish. In addition, it's an infectious combination of brute force, explosiveness and groove, making Razorgrind an excellent album.

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