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Rage - Seasons Of The Black

Rage - Seasons Of The Black

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : About two years after the previous studio-album ‘The Devil Strikes Again’ Rage’s main man Peavy Wagner comes up with the next piece of work, being this new record ‘Seaons Of The Black’. The biggest advantage of Rage is at the same time also their biggest disadvantage: you’ll exactly know what you’re going to get, but that also means that there isn’t too much variety to detect in the material on offer. As on any other Rage album the band is still going for mainly mid-tempo hard rock songs with decent riffs and tasty solos. That still accounts for a very solid album, but nothing more than that.

As a singer Peavy is and will remain quite limited and that becomes most obvious in the long, well built-up closing track ‘Farewell’. He is at his strongest when he can go all out in the somewhat faster and heavier tunes and luckily these are also present on ‘Seasons Of The Black’. Those of you who thought that the previous Rage album was a worthwhile affair, will also enjoy themselves with the new record but they won’t be able to extend their fan-base with this I’m afraid. After such a long career that will be Peavy’s least worry I think. Also with this ‘Seasons Of The Black’ Rage proves to still have a reason to exist, although it needs to be said that it’s not one of the best records from their career. But as Rage fan you can also purchase this one without hesitation.

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