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Blackevil - The Ceremonial Fire

Blackevil - The Ceremonial Fire

Label : F.D.A. Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Blackevil is a band that mixes the styles thrash metal, black metal and speed metal and all of them together make it sound old school. The sound does not give away that the band is from Germany. The names of the band members also do not suggest such a thing, as te names Abyss and Hellbastard give little indication of the identity of the men. The idea of the band is not to sound original, but more like tribute to the beginning of the black metal when names like Morbid, Bathory and Vulcano were waving the flag for extreme metal, but especially for attitude and originality. 'The Ceremonial Fire' is a tribute to that time, but is also a statement of a band that writes good songs where their examples are only influences and not copies. Vocalist Abyss has a big part in the sound of the band with his high pitched voice and wailing. 'Between Fire And Fire' and Seven Bridges Seven Gates' are the best songs for me, but the classic feel that surrounds the album makes' The Ceremonial Fire' for every lover with a little bit of love for the past a must.

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