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Veins - Innocence

Veins - Innocence

Label : Rockshots Music | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : ‘Innocence’ is the debut from this Italian fourpiece. The Rome based band is active since 2014 with their industrial influenced type of metal. Veins grabs you by the throat when the intro takes off. It doesn’t let you go. The first tune, ‘Part 1’, surprises with cool breaks and ideas, all amplified by a tight driving production. Influences from bands such as Fear Factory, Optimum Wound Profile and Ministry are well represented without losing its own face. The music Veins play sounds convincingly and holds loads of variation. Al elements are balanced very well, so that a cool bassline can be heard and fits in perfectly. Besides the tight edge the band delivers, Veins keep you sharp by providing melody and brutal breaks. The Al Jourgensen-ish vocal style (check out ‘Reflection’) completes the whole. Veins offers a wide influenced cd where metal, rock and industrial find each other effortlessly.

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