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The Privateer - The Goldsteen Lay

The Privateer - The Goldsteen Lay

Label : NoiseArt Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : The Privateer are hoisting the sails, raising the Jolly Roger and set course to the adventure on their debut album ‘The Goldsteen Lays’. On board of the six Freiburgers we get some very catchy and atmospheric folk metal with a lot of black metal influences and some power metal as well, and all that enriched with some good old rum! Unlike other colleagues, such as Alestorm or even Running Wild, The Privateer does not focus on happy humppa, but knows to convince with pretentious folk metal. The pirate theme gets picked up by the texts about myths and the sea. This is supported by a violin, which, to my surprise, harmonizes very well with the fellow members of the crowd and succeeds in finding a good balance. Not too penetrant, but also not too volatile. As far as I am concerned ‘The Goldsteen Lay’ turned out to be a very amusing folk metal album that especially convinces during the black/folk metal moments and I really enjoyed the acoustic ‘The Island, It’s Calling’.

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