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The Petulant - Dictum

The Petulant - Dictum

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : The debut album ‘Dictum’ of the Danish band The Petulant can easily be called a success, the guys show they are a talented band. Founded in 2012 in Copenhagen the band released their debut EP ‘The Petulant’ in 2014. The Petulant play raw and unpolished thrash/ death, heavily inspired by European and American thrash metal bands from the early nineties. Their style is not utterly original, but the music is played very well. Aggressive, but with enough variation between brutal and melodic parts, so making this a highly enjoyable album that you can listen to all day. The compositions and arrangements are well-thought and the production and great sound add to the listening pleasure. A great piece of music that I can only recommend!

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