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Terra Incognita - Signed With Blood

Terra Incognita - Signed With Blood

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Terra Incognita is a melodic heavy metal fellowship from Athens. The debut album from this band brought a moderately positive impression to my colleague, with some reservations due to the somewhat exaggerated vocals. Well, the things that time is capable of. After five years and an amount of line-up changes that is not topped by many a thirty year old band, the EP ‘Signed With Blood’ is here. The band shows growth on many levels in the four songs featured here. First of all, the music sounds way heavier because the bass is put more up front in the mix, and this does not come at the cost of the melodic nature of the music. ‘My Emptiness’ features some firm riffs from the start on, placing the song halfway between heavy metal and thrash. The title track even makes the band remind the older Pantera works. And those vocals? Sometimes the man still gets on the nerves, but those moments have become exceptions. Billy puts more distortion on his voice, effectively increasing the amount of balls in the music. The dark nature of Billy’s voice combined with the heavy melodic metal makes names like Iced Earth and the later Sanctuary surface first. This EP is a runner-up to the next album ‘Fragments of a Ruined Mind’, and this EP definitely increased my curiosity to this upcoming piece of work.

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