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Sator Malus - Dark Matters

Sator Malus - Dark Matters

Label : Forever Plagued Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Sator Malus is a Dutch group comprised of former members of acts like Cirith Gorgor and Walpurgisnacht and this ‘Dark Matters’ is their first full-length. Sator Malus plays traditional black metal in a rather Scandinavian style. Reminiscent of bands such as early Ulver, Satyricon and Mayhem, the album exudes a typical nineties feel. Like their compatriots of Kjeld, Sator Malus isn’t content with playing a mere copy of their heroes but concentrate on creating a similar atmosphere. And this is done well, with interesting riffs, a fitting production and varied song-writing. Epic songs like ‘Seeds Of The Plague’ contain engaging melodies while still being quite dark and grim and the band doesn’t refrain from using clean vocals as well. All in all ‘Dark Matters’ is a varied and enjoyable release in a style that continues to inspire.

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