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Pathology - Pathology

Pathology - Pathology

Label : Comatose Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The American Pathology has been going for some time now, eleven years to be exact, and has some interesting musicians on board. And there is no clear trace of that in their music per se. Their in-your-face- brutal splatter death is quite interesting in the music at times, the vocals however almost sound like they hide musical inability, which is of course doubtful from Disgorge’s Matti Way and Dave Astor, who is also drummer of drummer. You could know him from Cattle Decapitation. Chaos to the max on the vocals.

And yet it fits the picture. But in terms of timing it seems too random, compared to the backing music, the vocal lines show little ambition and I don’t think they cherish a lot of value in getting the lyrics across too clearly. He is not rising to new levels through Pathology and he has no intention of getting his word heard, it is one continuous gobbling, guttural crackle. And that makes it nicely vile, chaotic, and secretly good entertainment. The riffs are at times contagious, the drums and bass are compelling. However, they are pushed to the background too much by the vocals. This will make the audience for their craft very selected. As it has always been. Altogether, it’s a record that will be talked about a lot, but in itself it is nice for a while.

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