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Origin - Unparalleled Universe

Origin - Unparalleled Universe

Label : Agonia Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : In the twentieth year of their existence as a band, Origin releases their seventh studio album ‘Unparalleled Universe’. And with this album, it is their first consecutive album with the same line up! The band seems to have landed in calm waters since 2011, with founder Paul Ryan on guitars, master drummer John Longstreth on drums, Mike Flores on bass and Jason Keyser (brother of Skinless’ bassist Joe Keyser) on vocals.

Origin is known for their high velocity extreme death metal with a technical touch. On ‘Unparalleled Universe’ the band continues where they left on the last album ‘Omnipresent’ from 2014. The vicious guitar riffs and sweeping arpeggios of Ryan and the ferocious blastbeats and impressive drumfills of Longstreth make this album one to really enjoy. Where a lot of tech death metal bands lose themselves in playing incoherent technical death metal, playing as many notes as possible, but completely forgetting about the song itself, Origin are masters at keeping their songs catchy and compact. The nine own compositions on ‘Unparalleled Universe’ each have their very own character and can be easily distinguished from one another. Incredibly fast drumming and a lot of notes per minute, I lost count along the way, but still an extremely catchy groove throughout each song that make this album highly enjoyable. And it is even possible to dream away on the many atmospherical parts that this album contains (for instance on ‘Uneqivocal’ or ‘Cascading Failures’). My favorite tracks are ‘Truthslayer’, ‘Accident and Horror’, the doomy ‘Invariance Under Transformation’ and the ten minute lasting opus ‘Uneqivocal’. As a bonus we get the Brujeria cover ‘Revolucion’ to close the album. Yes, Origin are back! Now don’t waste time and pick up their new album ‘Unparalleled Universe’! It will blow you away!

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