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Ohrenfeind - Zwei Fäuste Für Rock 'n' Roll

Ohrenfeind - Zwei Fäuste Für Rock 'n' Roll

Label : AFM Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The highly AC/DC influenced German Schlager-rock party band, Ohrenfeind has delivered their seventh album. My apologies for the maybe not too respectful approach of the band. Once more I could repeat my story about a previous album Auf Die Fresse Ist Umsonst. Still it’s hard to take these guys seriously, I think they don’t do that themselves either, despite all the attempts to produce a pretty commercial piece of party rock. These guys will be great fun throwing a party with lots of beer, no doubt, but in a certain mood after a few alcoholic beverages, I can also sing along loudly with Bertus Staigerpaip or Vandale at times. This one is really suitable for listening at home, but it’s pretty obvious that these guys know how to handle their instruments and throw a party. When there’s sufficient alcohol available and the crowd is into playing air guitar, one can be certain of a good time.

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