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Mordenial - The Plague

Mordenial - The Plague

Label : Black Lion Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Death metal from Sweden. In general you can order these albums blindly. But even in Sweden, some brothers are less perfect than others. Mordenial's album is not really bad, but compared to what some of their countrymen release, I cannot conclude that this really is a killer album. The death metal of this band is too boring for that. Yes really.

During the first song nothing is going on. The sound is perfect, the production is perfect and the grunt is fine. The comparison with Dark Tranquillity pops up. Nothing to report. Actually, that applies to the entire album...nothing to report...really nothing at all. The songs are all pretty anonymous without making an impression. This is mainly because the pace is quite low. The bite is too aggressive for doom, but in terms of pace and intensity it could easily be a doom metal album. With a few exceptions, every song passes by at the same low pacer. That's ok for a while, but after five songs my attention has long gone. Therefore, checking out the entire album is quite a task. It is, however, clear that these lads can do a lot better. The first song is clear proof of that. However, if you love slow metal death, this may be something for you. I on the other hand like it a lot faster and far more varied.

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