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The Haunted - Strength In Numbers

The Haunted - Strength In Numbers

Label : Century Media | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The Haunted is an established name in the metal genre, though it did not go without bumps. After the release of their debut album, the band immediately got famous because big names called the band as their favorite. Kerry King of Slayer was a big fan of the band and left no interview without dropping the name The Haunted. As is the case, however, with bands that are faced with high expectations, The Haunted could not fulfill them. As a consequence, there was a somewhat different musical course, which was then not appreciated by the fans, and it got to be really difficult to regain confidence.

However, with the previous album 'Exit Wounds', one step was taken in the right direction and brought back the sharpness and brightness, partly due to the re-entry of vocalist Marco Aro. Now there is 'Strength In Numbers' which is a clear consolidation of the recovered status. The nice thing about The Haunted is that the riffs always sound somewhat different from that of the average thrash metal band, they always know to implement a weird turn. 'Brute Force' and 'Spark' make that sound heard again, while, for example, 'Preachers Of Death' is more straight forward and shows a simple but delicious riff. The pace is between average and fast, which benefits the listenability and the ten songs on 'Strength In Numbers' do not have a weak one among them. Just let the band go on a tour again and the venues will be sold out.

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