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Eleine - Eleine

Eleine - Eleine

Label : Black Lodge | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Re-release

Sjak : This debut album of the Swedish female fronted progressive metal band Eleine was already released in the summer of 2015 via the small Cardiac Records label. Some two years later the album is picked up by Black Lodge Records and is re-released in its original state, so without any bonus material. Still the album is characterized by varied song material with a very prominent role for female singer Madeleine Liljestam, who is determining the overall band sound to a large extent. I must say that the album seems to be getting better with every listen and therefore my score would be a bit higher now that what I rewarded the album with back then. Still especially ‘Gathering Storm’ and ‘A Sin’ are the best tunes of the album for me and still this debut album proves to be a very enjoyable affair. It’s about time that we are going to get some new Eleine material, because I’m quite curious how this band has developed itself during the last two years.

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