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Them Dirty Bones  - Them Dirty Bones

Them Dirty Bones - Them Dirty Bones

Label : Teenage Head Music | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Four cowboys from Alabama who live in Nashville today. The city of the country. Them Dirty Bones is the name of the band and they play typical and traditional southern rock with - that seems evident - the necessary country influences. Very nice and easy, laid back rock and roll. There seem to be at least 100 of bands like this in the USA. And they are all equally good. From Blackberry Smoke to The Magpie Salute and from Greasy Tree to Them Dirty Bones: Very American, with a southern feel, with great sounding guitars, with good vocals and with lyrics that describe situations and feelings from every life. Opener 'Cocaine and Whiskey' instantly sets the right tone, like a modern version of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The two brothers James and Frank Ford (guitar and drums) play twelve songs and two live tracks on this new release. They do so with their friends Ben Crain and Andrew Davis. The majority of the songs have already appeared on previous releases by the band, but I do not think that there are many readers who already know those songs, so that's not a problem. 'Whiskey In My Cup' (nice), 'Shake It' (that is going to be a party when played live) and 'Songs About You' are just a few exhibits of a great sounding album of a good band. Just come over to Europe and play, I would say!

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