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Pristine - Ninja

Pristine - Ninja

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Five musicians. Four men and a female vocalist. From Oslo, Norway. And they play bluesrock. Yes, people, indeed, the comparison with Blues Pills is on the lookout. Maybe Pristine will not appreciate that comparison, but I guess the comparison is rather obvious. But do not worry, there are certainly differences too.

Pristine plays freely, which of course is a big advantage. The band is not stuck in structures yet, but still can unleash a giggling Hammond solo (‘Sophia’). The addition of keys is an absolute added value of this band anyway. And maybe singer Heidi Solheim is a very, very, very little bit less talented than Elin Larsson, she is far more loose than the somewhat dozed-off woman from Sweden. Just listen to her amazing contribution to the lazy 'The Perfect Crime' in which she really goes out of her mind. That's also what guitarist Elverum Jakobsen does: very subtly, very dosed, but always very present. There is actually only a downside for this debut album and that's the duration of the album: nine songs and a total length of 40 minutes is a little skimpy. On the other hand, it's about quality and not about quantity. And there is more than enough quality is more than enough: there's no bad song on this disc. A tasty fresh band that can take over the flag of Blues Pills any time.

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