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Aegror - Dead Man’s Diary

Aegror - Dead Man’s Diary

Label : STF Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : ‘Dead Man’s Diary’ is part one of a planned series of four concept albums by the death / black metal band Aegror from the German city of Geldern. The storyline evolves around the character Plaguebreeder who enlists himself in the army to defend his country against the enemy that is already waiting at the border to attack his country. In order to escape from the horrors of war he develops a fantasy world in his dreams and develops a narcolepsy that in the end leads to his damnation. ‘Dead Man’s Diary’ is the second full length album of the band, after the release of their debut album ‘De Morbis’ in 2010. After a few line-up changes, Aegror released the EP ‘Forgotten Tales’ in 2013 and now return with this full length.

Musically speaking Aegror plays a blend of black and death metal. Aggressive melodic death metal with black metal vocals and the first references that come to mind after hearing these twelve songs are bands like Naglfar and Lord Belial. Brutal parts are mixed with epic passages and awesome heavy metal solo’s. Compared to the debut album seven years ago the band has really made progression, the music sounds more varied, well balanced and a lot more professional. There is plenty of variation on the album to sit through and enjoy the whole 47 minutes of this record, and the fun thing about it is that there every songs tells a part of the whole story, so the whole album is a coherent piece of art. The production of ‘Dead Man’s Diary’ sounds really solid and the album was mixed and mastered by Andy Funke. The CD will be released on June 2nd 2017 and comes in a nicely designed digipack with a 16 page booklet with lyrics and pictures. I’d say this is a very interesting release for metal fans who like Swedish melodic death metal with a 90’s touch.

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