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Epitaph - A Night At The Old Station

Epitaph - A Night At The Old Station

Label : M.I.G. Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : OK, that is just great. Now there is a band that releases a double CD with a DVD, and they only send me the DVD for a review. Not really a smart thing to do. But yes, I will have to write something anyway. Epitaph plays a kind of mix of rock, pop and folk, the kind of music that does particulary well in Germany. The band recorded the album in their favorite pub, The Old Station in Anderten, a place where they meet before every tour. And then, the obvious title for the album was ‘A Night At The Old Station’. Genial.

This is typically a release that is only interesting for friends and family of the band and of course the handful of people who were present at the recordings of the album. I see images from the early Middle Ages. The camera position, the image changes and the 'split images' (hahaha) make you hardly record the music. And that is not a punishment either, because the music of Epitaph is very boring. It sticks out the songs last way too long and could have been half shorter. The song material is not strong enough to listen to acoustic guitars, a violin and drummer for a complete album. Undoubtedly Epitaph was a band that made it happen 100 years ago, but with this release I do not think they will gain new fans at all.

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