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Balkun Brothers - Devil On TV

Balkun Brothers - Devil On TV

Label : Bertus | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Two gentlemen. A drummer. And a guitarist Both men have the same surname: Balkun. They are brothers. Steve is playing guitar. Nick is the drummer. And they play a mix of blues and rock. But in a deafening and at the same time grooving way. You do not need a whole band to do the trick. To rock in a nice and at the same time raw way. The Balkun Brothers certainly prove that with the release of 'Devil On TV'. It's rocking but you can also dance to the music of the duo, because the band knows to add grooving funk to those blues and rock riffs ('New Rocket'). As if Fishbone recorded a track with the Ramones. Or Wolfmother who are jamming with Primus. Then I think you have a nice picture of what you can expect musically from these two gents. Ten self-produced tracks - eight self-written and two covers (Morphine and Willie Dixon / The Doors) - providing a smile on your face. And who cares that it is only 35 minutes. Nice album!

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