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The Lightbringer  - Heptanity

The Lightbringer - Heptanity

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : What a hectic album, chockfull with all kinds of styles, layers, vocalists and rhythm changes. It commands admiration, but you have to be a fervent go-getter to reap the seeds they sowed. A quality at itself, but nevertheless we think that this will cause very different, rather black/white, reactions: or you praise this tour the force into heaven, or you run away from it. Well, what are we talking about?

The Lightbringer is an ambitious band, no doubts about that, founded by the brothers Simon (guitar, drums, artwork) and Oliver (vocals, guitar, bass) in Quebec, French speaking Canada, in 2008. They released their debut album ‘Quintessence Of Dawn’ in 2010. At the moment the band exists – in addition to both brothers – of Fanny Grenier (female vocals), Amélie Coté (keyboards) and Stanislav (another male singer). This sophomore album ‘Heptanity’ is a concept album on which every song or chapter happens to be a hymn, celebrating the power of the seven primordial divinities. ‘Heptanity’ symbolizes the alliance of the seven gods in one omnipresent entity, creating the material dimension of existence. Pardon us for citing this, but the concept appears to be as highfaluting and complex as their music. That music includes power metal as well as death and black metal, yet melodious and very symphonic. It implicates that vocals are diverse as well: firm growls, blackened screams, operatic chants of the female vocalist and male vocals with (clean) power metal tinge. All this is constantly blend in lengthy compositions, going from six to eleven minutes long. Their influences come from Therion, Septicflesh and Cradle Of Filth and most of all metal from the nineties. The impression it leaves are overwhelming cataracts of notes in Rhapsody (Of Fire) style, raucous passages of extreme metal, operatic soprano with slightly gothic music, choirs that suddenly pop up, and especially all this within a time frame of a couple of minutes. Although we are fan of bands like Septicflesh, Ne Obliviscaris and A Forest Of Stars, this pleases us not so much as what they do. It might be possible that those who invest a lot of time in this multilayered piece of work, will finally praise it, but for the moment we just like to mention that we are dealing with very accomplished musicians who put numerous ideas one by one in a row. More Canadian bands have that tendency and The Lightbringer is surely not an exception. Thus, until now we did not see the light.

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