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In Aevum Agere - Fugit In Solitudine

In Aevum Agere - Fugit In Solitudine

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : How much can one sound as Candlemass without being Candlemass itself? Well, as much as In Aevum Agere does on ‘Fugit In Solituine’. Just listen to Bruno Masulli’s voice and you would swear it was Candlemass. However, unfortunately the music is of a lesser quality than that of the grand masters of epic doom. Not that it’s bad. Far from it. But nowhere does it get as memorable as Candlemass. That becomes extremely apparent over at the closing song which is a cover of ‘Somewhere In Nowhere’. Bonus points for covering that Candlemass song and not a done to death cover such as ‘Solitude’.

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