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Helker  - Firesoul

Helker - Firesoul

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Argentine Helker has been around already for a while in the power metal scene. More specifically, since 1998. Their first three albums were entirely sung in Spanish. When the band played in Buenos Aires together with Primal Fear, Matt Singer was so excited that he offered to produce the 2014 album 'Somewhere In The Circle'. This album was released in both an English and a Spanish version. In the accompanying biography they refer that Helker is considered as one of the best heavy metal bands in South America. After listening to ‘Fire Soul’ we can only confirm that. Just take the performance of singer Diego Valdez. His voice does not only sounds exactly like that of the legendary Ronnie James Dio, he can do the same vocal range as master himself. As a bonus you get the Black Sabbath cover 'Neon Nights'. It almost goes without saying that they chose a Black Sabbath song from the Dio period. With the adding of excellent guitar work ‘Soul Fire’ is an album that needs to be listened to any fan of the better power metal. This album will be also be released in a Spanish version, but only digital.

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