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Dautha - Den Förste

Dautha - Den Förste

Label : Van Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : Ever since I learned about The Doomsday Cult at the 2004 edition of the Doom Shall Rise festival, I have been following the escapades of guitarist Ola Blomkvist. When The Doomsday Cult quits in 2004, Ola returns in the same year with the brilliant Griftegård. Next to that he later also starts with Wardenclyffe and Dautha. Sadly Griftegård calls it quits in 2015. But Dautha is a very strong band as well. In 2016 the first demo ‘Den Förste’ sees the light of day. Initially in a limited run of 78 copies. This is not completely strange as the handcrafted packaging demands a lot of labour. It’s like an old-fashioned book with leather binding. Something Blomkvist did before with the demo ‘A Language For Sad Spirits’ by The Doomsday Cult. I was able to get a copy of the second edition the band made with a more simple cover.

The recordings are now reissued on MCD as well as 12” vinyl through Ván Records. This label worked with both The Doomsday Cult as well as Griftegård in the past. I guess it’s clear Dautha plays doom metal. Yet, they do sound different opposed to the aforementioned bands. Even when you can say that Dautha plays classic style doom with an epic touch. One of the main differences is the vocals. Lars Palmqvist who we know of Scar Symmetry sings in Dautha. His style fits really well with the pounding doom riffs that colour Dautha’s music. The band also uses a violin on the track ‘Benandanti’ played by Palmqvist’s father. This instrument does add a lot to the overall vibe of the song, but don’t think it sounds like My Dying Bride. I would rather say you could describe Dautha as a mix of Spiritus Mortis and Procession. The fact ‘Den Förste’ only consists of two songs and an intro is no problem at all. Fans of great doom metal will appreciate this. I think Dautha will show they are the business when they release something new. You can listen to one of the songs here.

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