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Black Hawk - The End of the World

Black Hawk - The End of the World

Label : Pure Underground Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Colleague Nima reviewed the two preceding albums ‘A Mighty Metal Axe’ from 2013 and ‘Straight to Hell’ from 2011 from the German heavy metal band Black Hawk for Lords of Metal and praised the band for their honest heavy metal approach. Four years after their latest release of this five-piece from Hamburg the band returns with their fifth longplayer ‘The End of the World’.

Personally, my first introduction to this band was the track ‘Streets of Terror’ which will first be released as a single by their label Pure Underground Records. A catchy heavy metal song with a strong refrain, howling guitarsolos, double guitar riffing and a singer with a fat German accent who cannot really sing, but gets away with it amazingly. It would even say it gives Black Hawk more flair! The next song on the record, ‘Killing for RRReligion’ (note the RRR for the prrronounciation haha) is a pounding heavy metal song with a sound as if it was recorded in 1986. The titletrack, on the other hand, is more like a ballad and the following ‘Scream in the Night’ is a catchy song in the best Helloween tradition. Black Hawk plays a kind of heavy metal somewhere along the lines of Helloween, Dio and Manowar, and also lyrically has many similarities with these bands. And if taken it one step further, even comparisons with a band like Hammerfall could be made, even though Black Hawk sounds a lot more rawer and authentic than the heavy metal Swedes. The songs on ‘The End of the World’ are well written and played with passion and joy for heavy metal and I think this band must be fun to hear and see in a live setting. Heavy metal party guaranteed, they have convinced me with this fun release! Scream in the Night!

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