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Voivod - Build Your Weapons – The Very Best Of The Noise Years

Voivod - Build Your Weapons – The Very Best Of The Noise Years

Label : Noise Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Martin : The 2-CD compilation covers the seminal Canadian thrashers’ days under the banner of Noise Records, the infamous label that released 'RRRÖÖÖAAARRR', ‘Killing Technology’, and ‘Dimension Hatross’, between 1986 and 1988. The release features about two thirds of all the songs of said releases, plus some really great liner notes and pictures from the archives. Because ‘Build Your Weapons’ covers an era that proved to be decisive for the evolution of Voivod’s sound, it’s great to hear how the raw, spontaneous, snotty, but clever thrash of 'RRRÖÖÖAAARRR' grew into something that is so much bigger and eventually turned out to very influential on virtually the entire metal scene.

This would be a near perfect compilation, were it not that all those albums are without filler, so missing out on the remaining songs is quite painful. Besides, Voivod are about to rerelease the entire albums in various formats, including bonus material, so with that in mind, ‘Build Your Weapons’ seems to be more of an option for those whose budget is very restricted. Still, a great introduction to a great band.

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