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The Thirteenth Sun - Stardust

The Thirteenth Sun - Stardust

Label : Aural Music Group | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : The Thirteenth Sun from Romania is a very interesting and intriguing band. With 'Stardust' they present their debut full length, and it could just turn some heads. To describe what their music is like is quite hard, and not only because it is quite eclectic. 'Stardust' is filled with quite heady music, but it's never tiring to listen to. Let me throw in some references. The atmosphere and vocals remind me of Tiamat, mid-era. The next one is not so strange, then: Pink Floyd. Tragic, melancholic, psychedelic at times. Enter The Gathering. And then we're going towards the metal side of things: there is no fear of blasting some extreme metal to keep you awake. Ranging from Dissection to Opeth. The avant-gardist elements could be shared with Ulver. So there you have it: some references. Does this give a clear image...?

And is it any good? Well, yeah! The quality all-round is really great. These musicians know their instruments well, and the recording and production quality is awesome. The music keeps you at the edge of your seat. And it's great that the metal can get really intense while the vocals keep their distinct style. Still, there is some room for improvement. As said, the music is quite heady. So sometimes it feels a bit "thought-out". I think this band can go one step beyond: they could really bring on the magic as a unit by letting their inner muses flow and dictate a bit more. Meanwhile, this is an awesome debut that oozes with atmosphere and adventure!

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