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The Committee - Memorandum Occultus

The Committee - Memorandum Occultus

Label : Folter Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The Committee is an international company that plays black metal with doom influences. Their debut album 'Power Through Unity' was well received, perhaps also due to the clear thematic, based on war and all that has to do with it. Characteristic of the band is a repetitive sound, with recurring drum patterns and hypnotic guitar lines, which do not miss their effect. The sometimes monotonous sound, which certainly does not bother, causes you to come in a kind of trance. The drumming is not standard black metal work, but sounds inventive and the riffs are a bit firmer than on the debut. Power radiates from the album and the band looks like a mission, you could say that the band is on war road. The cinematic character of the songs creates images in your head of desolate flat bombarded fields, cities and steppes. True, not a nice picture, but if music gets used to being able to feel a certain atmosphere almost literally, then you're doing well.

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