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God Dethroned - The World Ablaze

God Dethroned - The World Ablaze

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : How delightfully complicated my life can be at times. It is with great rarity I pass out monster scores, until recently the French band Benighted released ‘Necrobreed’ and I rewarded it with 97 points. And now God Dethroned releases its first album in seven years, with which they complete the Passiondale-trilogy. And that is at least as good as that one. Maybe even as good as their own album ‘Passiondale’. On the other hand I must admit that the bar is set a little higher with God Dethroned, so hence I can stand by my verdict, I think.

Below you find the second single of the album, entitled ‘On the Wrong Side Of The Wire’. By now the video for the song ‘Annihilation Crusade’ should be published too.

In 2011 frontman Henri pulled the plug on God Dethroned to subsequently focus on a career as a guitar builder. By now that business is rising above fairly well and God Dethroned has done some interesting live appearances again already. But this particular album just had to be. If not for the band itself, it was a moral obligation to the fans. And only now you can tell the immense impact the band has had on the lives of many, judging the indescribable positive reactions on both the new work and the back catalogue, in which the album ‘Bloody Blasphemy’ seems quite unanimously the all-time favourite. Not that making records is a contest against yourself.

The album for the third time in a row takes you along to the Great War, World War I. The unbearable violence, the chaos and the drama, it is all close to perfection wrapped up in these ten songs delivered by God Dethroned. You almost feel as you were a witness of a soldier in the trenches, the courage versus the despair, the aggression versus the fear and the sorrow against the atrocities the young men had to deal with. I am genuinely impressed beyond words by this record. Another thing that catches my attention is that Henri sings a lot more decisive, for the lack of a better word. There is no blasting just for the sake of it, the songs actually get a lot of room to breathe, which makes the ferocious parts double as intense, with an near perfected symbiosis between melancholy and violence, backed by phenomenally good riffs and the delightfully rolling drums of Michiel van der Plicht, modestly and beautifully serving the song complemented by bassist Jeroen Pomper.

And let me not forget to fully spotlight the crazy guitar works of solo guitarist Mike Ferguson. When he was in Detonation and checked in with Kutschurft I already predicted that one day this would be the guitarist in God Dethroned. And he does the job phenomenally well. If I had a saying, this is not a completion, but the new start for God Dethroned. It is not mine to decide of course, but this is one of those rare recordings about which I dare say to any fan of extreme metal: “do yourself a favour, just buy this one ”, there will be no better record this year in this genre. Only if God Dethroned themselves secretly prepared another release. On behalf of the entire metal community: WELCOME BACK!

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