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Stormburst - Raised On Rock

Stormburst - Raised On Rock

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Swedish melodic rock band Stormbust was founded in July of 2014 and consists of a mixture of ex-Keen Hue, ex-Coastline, ex-Steam and ex-Six Feet Under members, so you can’t deny that they have quite an experience level. Taking that into account the end result of what is to be found on this debut album ‘Raised On Rock’ is somewhat disappointing. It’s not that the fourteen tracks on offer here are bad, but one way or another everything sounds quite dated and nicely between the lines, which accounts for the fact that real surprises are nowhere to be found and that the record doesn’t really leave a lasting impression. Guitar player Thomas Hansson delivers quite a lot of standard riffs and also singer Lars-Ake Nilsson isn’t really able to position himself as above average. Most tunes are nice to listen to, but besides the catchy ‘Say You Will’, the ballad ‘Touched By Love’ and title track ‘Raised On Rock’ nothing really “sticks” and that’s an essential element with a melodic rock release. As is apparent from the previous this ‘Raised On Rock’ album is to be categorized as average and there are quite a lot of records in that category, especially in the melodic rock genre. Not really a remarkable release therefore.

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