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Shores Of Null - Black Drapes For Tomorrow

Shores Of Null - Black Drapes For Tomorrow

Label : Spinefarm | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : When we should be challenged to guess the nationality of Shores Of Null, I think we would properly be misled. These Romans simply put our geographic expectations of metal on hold. Never before we heard an Italian band that sounded so Scandinavian and on top of that it leaves us in awe! Think of Amorphis, a pinch of Katatonia, emotive soloing in the vein of Saturnus and for the rest the whole doom/death/gothic scène of the nineties that brought forth lots of stunners. It surely had its influence on this recommended five-piece based in Rome.

With the debut ‘Quiescence’ (2014), they already caught our attention and the sophomore album ‘Black Drapes For Tomorrow’ even surpasses that. Right away opener ‘Tributary Waters’ make us wallow in an opulence of Katatonia alike guitars; this is an instrumental start with a great vibe. The doom/death/gothic of these guys comes to full bloom in ‘Donau’ which reminds us in some parts of In The Woods (dark, momentous clean chants). The beauty of melancholy is the main feature on this album, with ‘Tide Against Us’ and its Saturnus alike leads as next highlight. In a couple of songs we hear cello as extra. In a dynamic and amazing way, they combine the clean vocals of Davide Straccione with raucous growls and any blackened screams, the latter ones sometimes as echo or harmony vocals with clean and then we think of Thurisaz in ‘House Of Cries’ and ‘We Ain’t Ashes’. Doom metal happens to be the leading factor on this album and it results in different standout songs such as the title track with its contemplative spoken passages or the sentimental starting and really captivating ‘We Ain’t Ashes’. To say nothing of ’The Kolyma Route’ where they create a spiritual atmosphere with pontifical chants at the end. This album haunts you from start to finish! Those who like to dive deep into enchanting sounds of doom/death metal with some old school gothic elements, as well as fans of Amorphis, Katatonia and Omnium Gatherium, they will have a great time listening to ‘Black Drapes For Tomorrow’! A top notch album in its genre!

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